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Motorist racks up multiple convictions and 43 driving bans from the Courts

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Mr John Moir has recently appeared before the Magistrates Court and received his 43rd disqualification from driving after reportedly previously telling the Police that even facing jail would not deter him from driving again on the roads.

Mr Moir had already been given a custodial sentence of ten months and had been evading officers in his local area when out and about driving a vehicle. Mr Moir had been before the Courts before for injuring a pedestrian and even the prison sentence which he received did not appear to have had an effect upon his behaviour.

The latest Court case was for the offence of disqualified driving which carries a prison sentence, particularly if the circumstances are serious and the person has previous convictions for driving whilst disqualified. Mr Moir had been using his partner’s vehicle and was then stopped by the Police.

In Court he pleaded guilty to the offences and was given a four-month prison sentence for driving while disqualified and three months for separate offences of theft, to run consecutively which meant a total sentence of 7 months imprisonment. On top of the prison sentence he was also given a 12-month driving ban to replace a two-year disqualification he was given on 6th September 2011 along with an extended re-test that must be completed before he is allowed to drive again.

In cases such as this when a Guilty plea is entered a specialist motoring solicitor can help ensure that the sentence passed by the Court is kept to a minimum and early legal advice can ensure that you know exactly what you are facing.

By Motoring Solicitor, Martyn Walsh