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Rioter removed

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Last week, on August 8th 2013, for the first time a rioter from the 2011 London riots was evicted from their Council property.

Jonathan Mason, a tenant of Wandsworth Council was evicted from his property. The eviction, coincidentally, took place exactly two years to the day when he looted the Lavender Hill branch of HSBC. He is currently serving a three year prison sentence imposed on him last September for the looting.

Following his criminal conviction, possession proceedings were brought against Mr Mason by his landlord. At a hearing on 12 July 2013 an outright Possession Order was made against him and he was ordered to leave his property within 28 days.

Mr Mason’s landlord was able to bring the possession proceedings which resulted in his eviction yesterday, on the grounds that he had breached his Tenancy Agreement by committing a criminal act in the locality.

This case just goes to show how much tenants need to realise how far-reaching their actions are. Landlords are able to bring possession proceedings against tenants for a whole host of anti-social behaviour within the locality of their home. This case emphasises that anti-social behaviour can be carried out miles away from a tenant’s home but can still result in an eviction.

Kate Hancock, Dispute Resolution Trainee Solicitor