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New homelessness and domestic violence guidance

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New guidance has been published by the government this week to ensure that victims of domestic violence can more easily access safe long term accommodation. The guidance is subject to a ten week consultation process which will run until 5 th ...

Universal Credit applicants left without income for six weeks

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Local food banks are currently seeking to increase their supplies (some up to an extra 15 tonnes) in order to prepare for more demand following the hardship being caused by new Universal Credit applications. Ministers have already called on the...

Homelessness this Christmas

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Sadly it is estimated that at least 117,000 children are set to be homeless this Christmas and in temporary accommodation in England. The Department for Communities and Local Government have pledged to invest £550m in an attempt to tackle...

Further challenges to the bedroom tax: Supreme Court judgment

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Recently the Supreme Court found that the ‘bedroom tax’ could breach human rights, in certain instances where it discriminates against those with a medical need for an extra room. The ‘bedroom tax’ has often been the subject of...

Permission required for warrant of possession

  • Posted

Landlords and mortgagees will now need to act very carefully before they try to enforce a possession order against their respective tenants/mortgagors following the recent decision by the Court of Appeal in Cardiff County Council –v- Lee. The Court...

Government introduces a new cap on benefits

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The Government has introduced a new benefit cap to limit the income which households receive in certain benefits. It has been condemned by some campaigners and unions as it is felt the most vulnerable people in society will be largely affected, in...

Supreme Court dismisses application to appeal anti-social behaviour test

  • Posted

The Supreme Court refuses permission for a further appeal in the case of City West Housing Trust v Lindsay Massey [2016] EWCA Civ 704. On the 2 nd November the Supreme Court (Lord Neuberger, Lord Carnwath and Lord Hodge) dismissed the appellant...

Is 'generation rent' here to stay?

  • Posted

According to a recent study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, those born in the early 1980s have only half the wealth of those born in the 1970s had at the same age. As a result, those born in the early 1980s have an average household wealth of...

The changing legal landscape for charities

Jonathan Chadwick
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Charities are facing a changing legal landscape and are under increasing scrutiny from law makers and the media alike. Relatively recent, high profile scandals – such as the closure of Kids Company and allegations of pressurised fundraising tactics...

Homelessness applications following eviction by a private landlord are on the rise

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Recent figures show that in a third of new homelessness applications the reason for homelessness is cited as the end of an assured shorthold tenancy. Often households who are evicted following the end of an assured shorthold tenancy struggle to find...

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