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Paul Daniels' son in dispute over his late father's estate

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Paul Daniels Jr, son of the late magician Paul Daniels has claimed that he has not received any inheritance from his late father’s estate.  Paul, who is apparently unemployed, has reported that the entire estate, worth a gross £1.5m, was left to his father’s wife, Debbie McGee.

Interestingly Paul has said that he was promised by Debbie that he would be looked after, but since his father’s death, he has received nothing. It would appear that after debts, liabilities and inheritance tax, Paul Daniel’s net estate was only worth around £500,000.

It will be interesting to see whether his son decides to bring a formal claim against the estate. Unfortunately, you can’t bring a claim against a Will just because it is unfair, but in the wake of the heavily litigated Ilott v Mitson ([2015] EWCA Civ 797) case, adult children who have been left disappointed by their late parent’s Wills, have a glimmer of hope. That case is heading to the Supreme Court, so the decision could change again, but at the moment, the door has been opened for these kinds of claims.

If you think you may have a similar claim, it is important that you seek specialist legal advice as early as possible. The time limit for bringing this type of claim is very short, and you could miss out if you wait too long.

For a fixed fee of £150, you can have a 30 minute appointment with myself, either on the telephone, or face to face, depending on your preference. We will take some details from you before the appointment, and I will then discuss your case with you, and what your options are. If your case is something that we can then help you further with, we can then discuss your funding options with you. For cases like this, we can sometimes consider a “no win no fee” agreement, depending on the circumstances of your case.