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OCD Action Conference

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Recently I attended at the OCD Action Conference in Manchester where I sat on the panel as a housing solicitor for the question and answer session.

It was a very interesting and eye-opening day. Unlike some other mental health disorders, OCD isn't always widely published and known about. Treatments are coming through but the disorder is still prevalent. In some ways the disorder itself is becoming trivialised with the likes of David Beckham making comments on social media that he suffers from OCD because he has to have all of his cans of Pepsi lined up perfectly in his fridge. Many people make throwaway remarks in their everyday lives that they suffer from OCD because something has to be "just so".

What people do not realise is the serious impact that somebody truly suffering from OCD can have on their lives.

There are many housing law scenarios in which OCD can have a huge impact. As a result of their OCD somebody may struggle to properly manage their home or may be unwilling to allow contractors in which could result in applications for anti-social behaviour injunctions ('ASBI') or even possession proceedings. These are the types of cases in which help from a housing law solicitor will be required as challenges against such proceedings would need to be made on equality act or even human rights grounds.

Somebody with severe OCD facing these sorts of issues may struggle to even seek legal advice but options are available and, hopefully, with the likes of OCD Action these people can get the help which is out there. Subjecting a person suffering from OCD to an ASBI or even taking their home from them is not the answer and this is the type of case which would need to be strongly fought by a housing law solicitor.

If you are struggling with OCD or any other mental health issue and are facing difficulties in relation to your home then it is important that you seek legal advice from a housing law specialist as soon as possible.

By housing law solicitor, Kate Hancock