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Divorce numbers lowest since 1971 in England & Wales

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Ministers plan divorce law overhaul

These figures from the ONS stem from 2022, leaning out of the pandemic and into a cost-of-living crisis. We know that financial pressures and income concerns have led to many couples delaying the divorce process.

What was once a reason to get to divorced, is now keeping couples together. It seems likely that this will be reflected in 2023’s divorce figures too.

Interestingly, we have begun to see divorce enquiries surge once again. Monday 15th January, this year, was the busiest day across the legal sector for divorce enquiries according to the call handling firm, Moneypenny. As people acclimatise to the economic conditions, mortgage rates begin to drop, and inflation shows glimmers of recovery we may see divorce figures rise once again

View our infographic on marital status and living arrangement trends

Marital Status & Living Arrangements

Divorces in England and Wales: 2022 - Office for National Statistics (ons.gov.uk)