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What is Operation Green Jacket?

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Greater Manchester Police (GMP) launched Operation Green Jacket in May 2019 in attempt to investigate child sexual abuse in Greater Manchester. The operation was initially aimed to reinvestigate alleged sexual exploitation that occurred between 2004-2005 to ensure victims who were denied justice in the past had the opportunity to receive it today.  

Following failings in the previous operation named Operation Augusta, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, commissioned its replacement with Operation Green Jacket. Operation Augusta was heavily criticised in an independent inquiry in January as it was found that ‘children had suffered profound abuse but the police did not protect them.’ 

GMP have stated that they are extremely dedicated to pursuing new lines of enquiry and continuing to investigate both current and historic allegations. The investigation has identified more than 480 victims as well as leading the police to investigate in excess of 650 alleged offenders. The operation remains a top priority for GMP to provide support for victims whilst continuing to identify offenders regardless of whether the allegations are historic or current. GMP’s commitment to the operation is likely to mean that arrests for sexual abuse offences will continue to be made.  

Any operation such as this can leave individuals particularly vulnerable to false allegations being made. Allegations of this nature are obviously extremely serious and can have severe consequences for an individual. Being the subject of such an investigation can be detrimental to their reputation and may lead on conviction to them receiving a lengthy custodial sentence.  

If you are arrested or charged it is essential that you seek specialist legal advice that is tailored specifically to your individual case and the allegations you face.  

At Stephensons, our expert criminal defence department have extensive experience of successfully defending clients accused of such offences. Our criminal defence solicitors act for clients throughout England and Wales. They have successfully represented people at the investigation stage and at court if they are charged with an offence. We pride ourselves on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients and our team will be able to offer the most appropriate bespoke advise to support you and deal with your case in the best possible manner.  

If you do require our assistance please do not hesitate to contact someone from the department on 0161 696 6188 or complete an online enquiry form.