Duncan Phillips

Criminal Litigation Solicitor and Senior Associate


Duncan qualified as a solicitor in 2002 and has worked exclusively in criminal litigation ever since. His time is now divided between the Crown Court, Magistrates Court and police station representation, often dealing with cases from beginning to end.  

After completing his law degree at the University of Sheffield and then the legal practice course at Nottingham Law School

Crown Court

Duncan is a solicitor advocate and holds a Higher Courts (Criminal Advocacy) qualification. He is regularly instructed to represent defendants in the Crown Court, principally in Manchester, Liverpool and Bolton but also throughout the North West and beyond. He frequently deals with cases of robbery, serious assaults (s.18 and s.20 grievous bodily harm and wounding), drugs cases (including drugs conspiracies and drug productions), fraud (including benefit fraud), burglary, firearms offences, theft (including breach of trust cases), and public order offences (affray, violent disorder etc).

Magistrates Court

Duncan has over a decade of experience of successfully representing clients in the Magistrates’ Court. He has been a member of the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme since 2003. As well as representing defendants charged or summonsed with criminal offences, Duncan also acts for clients responding to applications for orders (for example DVPO, ASBO or football banning orders).

Police Station

Even the most serious cases are often won or lost at the police station. Duncan provides high quality advice and representation to people being interviewed either under arrest or as a volunteer and helps people who are required to answer bail or participate in identification procedures including VIPER. Duncan is a supervising solicitor, helping to train police station representatives.