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Government plans on right to buy

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Can claims for discrimination be brought against a Housing Association?

Housing associations are already under considerable pressure to try and meet the shortages in housing stock. They face additional challenges with targets on net zero and remedial action following the Grenfell tragedy. This policy will not help fix the lack of supply of much needed homes at a time when development costs are spiralling upwards.

Whilst this move may be welcomed by some as an opportunity to own their own home, as was the case with a similar initiative in the 1980s with the Right to Buy of Council properties, others may still not be able to take up the offer even when heavily discounted. This initiative does not fix the underlying problem of insufficient housing stock.  

If this initiative does go ahead, the challenge will be ensuring sufficient  money from these sales (plus some) is put back in to support housing associations and replenish the housing shortages.  

Find out more about the plans in this BBC News report: Boris Johnson sets out plan for benefit claimants to get mortgages