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Record backlog of 6.84 million people waiting for hospital treatment in England

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Baby boy dies after NHS Trust makes mistakes during delivery

Following my blog in July in which the NHS figures revealed there was a record high of nearly 6.5 million people in England waiting for hospital treatment, the backlog continues to grow. A new record high of over 6.84 million people are now waiting for hospital treatment in England.

Prior to the covid-19 pandemic there were already 4.43 million people waiting for hospital treatment but over the past two years the waiting list has been steadily increasing as the demand for hospital treatment outstrips capacity.  

The latest figures show that as at July 2022:

  • A record of over 6.84 million people were waiting for treatment
  • 2.67 million patients have been waiting over 18 weeks for treatment
  • 377,689 patients have been waiting over one year for treatment, over 365 times the 1,032 people waiting over a year pre-pandemic in July 2019
  • A median waiting time for treatment of 13.3 weeks – significantly higher than the pre-covid duration.

The NHS data also shows that cancer targets continue to be missed. Only 77.8% of patients are being seen within two weeks of an urgent GP referral for suspected cancer when the target it 93%. This target has now not been met since May 2020.

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