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More compensation for people given tainted blood

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During the 1970s and 1980s, people were treated with tainted blood products resulting in thousands being infected with Hepatitis C and HIV.
A review conducted by the Department of Health into the support available for those infected, was published yesterday confirming that more money will now be available to compensate them.
This comes not long after Sharon Moore’s claim for compensation was rejected by the High Court. Ms Moore discovered that she had been infected by the NHS with the tainted blood in 1998 after having a blood transfusion over 10 years earlier.
The review provides for the families and dependants of those who were infected and have subsequently died to be able to make claims as well as offering funds for counselling.
People more seriously affected, who have contracted diseases such as cirrhosis for example, may also be entitled to nearly £13,000 per year.
Whilst the payments are still lower than those offered in the Republic of Ireland, it does provide a bit of a welcome relief to campaigners who have been fighting for better support for years.
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By clinical negligence specialist, Laura Hannah