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Hoarder beware!

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A story has emerged of an 87 year old lady being evicted from her home of 62 years on Wednesday, 23 March 2016. Bailiffs arrived at the lady's home armed with crowbars along with the police in order to carry out the eviction. The reason for the...

Goodwill to all men?

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A Wigan company has offered to pay a couple's rent for their family home whilst their four and a half month old Daughter, Emilee Jayne, is in hospital. Emilee was born at just 27 weeks and the couple have been by her bedside ever since....

OCD Action Conference

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Recently I attended at the OCD Action Conference in Manchester where I sat on the panel as a housing solicitor for the question and answer session. It was a very interesting and eye-opening day. Unlike some other mental health disorders, OCD isn't...

Double time?

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Did you know that sometimes you can be arrested not only for a criminal offence but also for a civil offence? Some people don't realise that Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions (ASBI's) can carry with them Powers of Arrest. Very often these...

Bedroom-tax hit tenants offered free egg

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I remember hearing about this a few weeks ago but never quite got round to blogging about it. However, this story just goes to show how misunderstood the bedroom tax can be and so it is important to draw attention to it. At Easter time this year, Valleys 2...

Tenant almost evicted after dead dog found in rented home

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A tenant of Salix Homes allegedly kept her dead pet dog in the kitchen for several days. This almost led to her eviction from her home. In April 2013 Margaret Martin was found to be allegedly keeping her dead dog in the kitchen of her rented...