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Jessica Macaulay

What impact does a criminal conviction have on regulated professionals?

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In recent months, it has been reported that several solicitors and a barrister have received sanctions from their regulatory bodies as a result of a drink driving conviction. This highlights the impact and potential consequences a criminal conviction can...

Katie Price is subject to a third driving disqualification within 12 months

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Further to my earlier blog posted on 14th January 2019, which can be found here, Ms Katie Price was convicted of being drunk whilst in charge of a motor vehicle after a trial on 25th February 2019. It is reported that Ms Price also faced an...

Katie Price disqualified from driving for a second time

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It is reported that Katie Price was sentenced on 9 th January 2019 to a three months driving disqualification as well as fined a total of £1,295, which includes the fine, costs and a victim surcharge, after pleading guilty to driving whilst...