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Jessica Macaulay

What is a special guardianship order?

  • Posted

A special guardianship order (SGO) is a private law order made in the family court that appoints one or more individuals to be a child or young person’s ‘special guardian’ who they will live with on a long term basis. An SGO can also be...

No fault divorce - what is different?

  • Posted

The legislation Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 is to come into effect on 6 April 2022. It is said to be the biggest change to the to the divorce system in decades and introduces no fault divorce. This means that one party does not need to...

Katie Price disqualified from driving for the fourth time in two years

  • Posted

I have previously written blog posts on 14 th January 2019 and 26 th February 2019 giving an insight into the penalties received by Katie Price when convicted of various driving offences. The latest offence has resulted in Ms Price now receiving a...

What impact does a criminal conviction have on regulated professionals?

  • Posted

In recent months, it has been reported that several solicitors and a barrister have received sanctions from their regulatory bodies as a result of a drink driving conviction. This highlights the impact and potential consequences a criminal conviction can...

Katie Price is subject to a third driving disqualification within 12 months

  • Posted

Further to my earlier blog posted on 14th January 2019, which can be found here, Ms Katie Price was convicted of being drunk whilst in charge of a motor vehicle after a trial on 25th February 2019. It is reported that Ms Price also faced an...

Katie Price disqualified from driving for a second time

  • Posted

It is reported that Katie Price was sentenced on 9 th January 2019 to a three months driving disqualification as well as fined a total of £1,295, which includes the fine, costs and a victim surcharge, after pleading guilty to driving whilst...