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Bethany Corday

Can I take my children out of the country if I am separated from their other parent?

  • Posted

What happens where parents are separated and your former partner/spouse will not agree to you taking your child out of the country? The first question to ask, is who has parental responsibility for the child? A child’s biological mother...

What if parents don't agree about having their child vaccinated?

  • Posted

What happens if you want your child to have a vaccination and your child’s other parent does not agree? Or, what if you do not want your child to have a vaccination and your child’s other parent does? Many parents may now be contemplating...

Domestic abuse and children's services

  • Posted

Many parents are concerned that where there has been domestic abuse in their relationship, that children’s services (or social services as they are more commonly known) may become involved with their family and may remove their children, if they...

DIY family law - should I represent myself?

  • Posted

Accessing legal advice or representation can be costly. It is important that you have access to legal advice before you consider how to resolve a dispute in relation to a family matter. Access to legal aid is now available in only limited circumstances...

Can I stop my former partner applying to court about our child?

  • Posted

The short answer is usually, no. It is often necessary to involve the court where parents cannot agree arrangements for the child, for example where the child should live and what, if any, time the child should spend with the other parent. But, what...