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Contesting wills & probate case examples

Just some recent examples of situations where inheritance disputes have arisen, and where we have helped clients are:

  • A woman passed away without making a Will. As a result her unmarried partner was not entitled to anything, and his partner's family refused to let him have anything. Stephensons' inheritance dispute specialists helped him bring a claim, and in the end he received 80% of the estate.

  • Our inheritance dispute team helped a family challenge their mother's Will on the basis that their mother did not have sufficient mental capacity to make it. The Will had left everything to a neighbour. In the end, the Will was declared invalid, and the estate then went rightfully to the children, instead of the neighbour. 

  • Stephensons' specialist solicitors have successfully helped people defend claims that a Will is invalid. Once man was accused of forging his brother's Will, leaving the estate to him, and another sibling started a Court case against him. The fraud was successfully defended.