Fixed price family law

Our family law solicitors are delighted to offer a range of low cost fixed price services. Our family team recognise that any legal issue involving a relationship can prove to be a stressful and expensive time, call us on 0203 816 0548 or complete our online enquiry form.

Our range of fixed price services are designed to provide a cost effective solution to your situation, we appreciate that our clients want certainty on costs wherever possible in addition to keeping the emotional and financial strain that both parties face to an absolute minimum.

Fixed price guide


Our feeVATCourt FeesTotal
First consultation and case assessment (up to one hour) with letter of advice£250£50NIL£300
First consultation and case assessment (up to one hour) with letter to ex-partner£291.67£58.33NIL£350


Divorce/dissolution of civil partnership (petitioner - uncontested)£550£110£550£1,210
Divorce/dissolution of civil partnership (respondent - uncontested)£300£60NIL£360

Financial settlements - unbundled services

Financial consent order (agreed division of limited/straightforward assets, valued at less than £350,000) - *Total includes £3 Land Registry charge£785£157£50£995*
Financial consent order (agreed division of multiple/complex assets)   Costs to be agreed
Separation agreement (agreed terms - no advice, valued at less than £350,000)£1,000£200NIL£1,200
Representation at court   Costs to be agreed


Representation at court   Costs to be agreed

Protection from domestic abuse

Initial consultation and warning letter£250£50NIL£300
Representation at court   Costs to be agreed

Living together and living apart

Pre-nuptial agreement (terms agreed)£1,500£300NIL£1,800
Cohabitation agreement£1,000£200NIL£1,200
Separation agreement (terms agreed)£1,000£200NIL£1,200

All prices subject to full terms and conditions.

If you would like more information about our fixed fee family law services contact our award winning team on 0203 816 0548 or get in touch with us through our online enquiry form.

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What is a fixed fee?

A fixed fee is simply that - a fee that is fixed.  It is an agreed amount paid for a piece of work. We agree with you what work is needed, the amount of costs to do it and how those costs will be paid. This way you can be sure about what we will do for you and how much it will cost.

We have the experience to appreciate that not every case is suitable for a fixed fee, but our philosophy is that fixed fees should be the norm and not the exception. Our clients agree.

How do fixed fees work?

All our solicitors are highly experienced in working with clients who have family problems. We all specialise in family disputes and we consider each case individually. We agree a plan of action with our clients. Our primary consideration if possible is to determine an appropriate fixed fee.

We offer fixed fees for a wide variety of situations which arise in family disputes. Our fixed fees cover divorce, division of assets, court applications in relation to financial settlements and disputes about children as well as other circumstances which arise on the ending of a relationship.

We offer fixed fees which cover the whole of an agreed plan of action or fixed fees for stages within the process. Unlike many traditional firms, we offer fixed fee packages for court proceedings and the different stages within the case.

Fixed fees for Family Court cases

As the majority of court cases settle during the process, it would not be acceptable to our clients to quote a fee for the whole case when there is real prospect of an early settlement, thereby wasting costs.

Our fixed fees enable our clients to limit representation and their costs just to the stage that is purchased.  It is then personal choice as to whether or not the next stage is purchased giving ultimate control over costs.

There are situations which may arise which are unforeseen and which involve additional work. On these occasions our clients are told immediately and no further expense is incurred until a further fee arrangement has been agreed. Variations from the agreed fixed fee will occur if the work needed has changed significantly.  If this occurs our solicitors consider the change and the impact upon the case, and if developments fall outside the agreed plan of action then our clients are immediately notified in writing and retain the choice of accepting a new arrangement.  

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If you would like more information about our fixed fee family law services contact our award winning team on 0203 816 0548 or get in touch with us through our online enquiry form.

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What our clients say about our fixed fees...

  • Costs are certain
  • You are not charged for the time it takes but for the agreed piece of work
  • They enable clear arrangements to be made about how and when to pay the bill
  • You are not charged for the time spent working for you
  • The solicitor has the same objective – getting the case resolved and achieving agreed results


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