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Chris Fairhurst comments on 'men-only' law firm

Listen from 1:38.54

Chris Fairhurst from Stephensons family law team speaks to BBC Radio London’s Drive Time programme about the UK’s first ‘men-only’ law firm due to open in London later this month.

The new legal practice promises to ‘bridge the gender gap’ in the UK law system, insisting that ‘men are still unfairly represented in family courts’.

In the United States, family law companies with all-male client lists have been growing in popularity since the nineties, appealing to fathers and husbands who worry that women are likely to get a better deal without ‘specialist’ representation.

But some believe that firms marketing themselves on the idea that men get ‘a raw deal’ is not only misleading, but risks undermining trust in the judicial system.

Is the truth of the matter more complex?

Chris Fairhurst is a family law and divorce practitioner with 20 years of experience. He makes regular appearances in regional and national media, providing insight into the latest news and trends in the sector.