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What our clients say - family law

At Stephensons our family law solicitors pride themselves on achieving the best possible result for our clients, the comments below are from a range of clients who have used our family team for legal services. If you would like to speak to a member of the team call us on 01616 966 229 or complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you directly.

“Stephensons are professional but friendly. I have complete trust in them and felt they understood exactly what my concerns were. I have complete confidence in recommending Stephensons and definitely felt my anxieties were totally reassured and felt ‘safe’ to be with this firm.”
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"From the moment I first spoke with my solicitor (a partner in the firm), I knew I had a 'safe pair of hands' guiding me through my case at what can only be described as a most difficult time in my life. Sound, well reasoned and professional advice that gave me confidence at every step of our process that she understood the law and how she could help me. When we needed the help of the paralegal in an emergency, she stepped up to the plate, deftly explaining, listening with patience, picking out the relevant information and passing this on with care to all parties. When a client is at their lowest, both spoke without judgement and even repeated things when they knew I couldn't process them in that moment. I would recommend Stephensons and consider other services in the future with this firm." - View from a satisfied client

"On behalf of our family, we want to thank your law firm, your family department, and in particular solicitor Tim Galbraith and Barrister Woodward for the great and excellent work they did for our sister, daughter, cousin and in-law.

You have shown us that there is justice in Great Britain. You have also made us believe in the British legal system. We will always be grateful.

You were very diligent in your work, hardworking, meticulous and honest. There was no discrimination, no bias, and you let us know all the details as they came in. There was no shadow of doubt in your expertise and professionalism. While we know that the event we have gone through was very strange to us, we are however grateful that we have a law firm like Stephensons working for us always even at odd times (i.e. on weekends).

Once again, thank you to all the staff at Stephensons. You have done a great job." - View from the family of a client

"This firm is a breath of fresh air in being independent open and honest as to the advice and help and assistance given to myself in the matter. They have responded to me at all times in a timely matter and been professional at all times. I would highly recommend this firm as they go beyond and above in a firm that in my opinion is not afraid of putting their head above the parapet which others would refrain from doing." - View from a satisfied client

"I can't compliment Victoria and her team at Stephensons Manchester highly enough. For a year i was involved in a very stressful complicated family case . Victoria helps enormously as she knows what she is doing. Victoria knows the other professionals involved . I was given strong advice which you take as Victoria knows how to deal with each issue that arises. I was able to email/ phone with questions which recieved a quick response, sometimes I was called personally late at night. When Victoria is in meetings with other professionals you know you have someone who is in there battling for you which makes you feel at ease. My case ended in an extremely satisfactory way." - View from a satisfied client

"I have to say that for me, you have been highly unusual in your profession in always being so prompt and efficient in dealing with my case and all my 'ad hoc' queries. I have greatly appreciated this. You have left a very favourable impression on me in the way you have handled my case and supported me through what has been a very difficult passage in my life. I have spoken to several people in a similar position who have had nothing like the service or empathy that I have experienced and I would not hesitate to recommend you personally to others for such professional services. You have made this difficult passage considerably easier for me than I had hoped or expected, so please accept my very sincere thanks for that." - View from a satisfied client

"Words cannot express my gratitude to our solicitor, who is a credit to Stephensons and her profession. Her warmth and compassion supported me through a very difficult time, giving not only good legal advice but also some wise counsel.

"If I could summarise the assistance I have received in just two words, they would be “Empathetic Professionalism” (two words that do not normally go together in business). Whilst I hope I will never need professional assistance again, I will gladly continue to recommend Stephensons to those who do.

"In what has been a difficult time, I have appreciated the professional way in which Stephensons has dealt with my case, and the humanity shown by my solicitor in all matters and dealings with us.” - View from a satisfied client

“When I initially went to Stephensons, I had just started divorce proceedings and needed good legal advice. My case was taken on by a Family Executive, who firstly referred my husband and myself for mediation. When this failed to settle issues amicably, she dealt with all matters of the divorce, including the sale of the house and residence order for my son.

"When I recently received threatening behaviour from my ex-husband, I was able to return straight to her with my concerns and ensure that any problems were dealt with immediately.

"Throughout the whole process, which has lasted for over a year, she has been professional, trustworthy and friendly, and I can’t fault Stephensons’ service at all.” - View from a satisfied client

"Claire Pilling has provided an excellent service in my case as a family advisor from the very start, and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing any aspect of family advice or support." - View from a satisfied client

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