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Employment law solicitors in St Helens

Whether you’re an employee in St Helens or run a business in the region that employs staff, understanding your rights and responsibilities in the area of employment law is essential. If you come up against an issue in the workplace, knowing how best to deal with the situation can make a significant difference to the eventual outcome. As specialists in employment law in the St Helens area, our team can offer essential support to individuals or businesses in all aspects of this field.


Employment law solicitors in St Helens for employees

There are a range of different issues that employees might find themselves faced with during their normal working life. Whether it’s a problem with the company that employs you or issues related to a colleague, experiencing any incident at work where you feel that you have been treated unfairly or unlawfully can be very stressful and bring a great degree of uncertainty. Knowing where you stand legally and deciding on the right next steps for you can help provide you not only with the practical advice that you need to move forward, but also peace of mind that you’re fully informed about the situation and all the options available to you. Our employment law services for St Helens employees include:

  • Redundancy
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Settlement agreements
  • Contract disputes
  • Wage disputes
  • Civil claims
  • TUPE
  • Employment tribunals

Employment law solicitors in St Helens for employers

As a business that has employees, there are various legal responsibilities and liabilities that every employer has in relation to their staff. In addition to this, there are also sometimes issues that crop up with employees that require action to be taken. Getting things wrong in either of these areas can have serious consequences for employers, possibly leading to claims made against you or even prosecution in some circumstances. Ensuring that your business is compliant with all of the necessary regulation and that you deal with any staff issues that crop up in the right way will help protect from negative outcomes. We offer specialist support as experienced employment law solicitors in St Helens and across the UK. Our services include:

  • Support with HR, including company policies and processes
  • Checking existing or drafting new employment contracts
  • Help with workplace grievances
  • Assisting with workplace disciplinaries
  • Dealing with the redundancy process
  • Defending employment tribunals
  • Drafting and negotiating settlement agreements
  • Helping with staff performance management processes

Why choose Stephensons as your employment law solicitors in St Helens?

Whether you’re looking for ongoing employment law and HR support for your business or want one-off specialist advice as either an employer or an employee, our team have the experience that you need to help you navigate the situation.

With a proven track record in achieving successful outcomes for our clients, our expert employment law solicitors in St Helens provide all the support that you need with your work-related issue, at every stage of the process.

Get in touch with our employment law team in our St Helens office on 0161 696 6170 to find out how we can help you with any employment law enquiry.

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