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Business energy claims

Over the course of a year, even a couple of pence extra per unit charge of energy can amount to vast amounts and cost for businesses. To save time and to gain access to the best rates, businesses frequently turn to or are approached by expert energy brokers. Brokers can look across the market at the rates per unit of energy and then provide businesses with an energy contract.

What are business energy claims?

Business energy claims refer to the legal process by which businesses can recover overcharged energy expenses or seek compensation for energy-related issues. In recent years, claims around business energy rates, relate specifically to issues around price transparency and commission being yielded by brokers. Brokers are the intermediaries between businesses and energy suppliers. They are offered several rates by different energy companies, they then sell these to businesses. However, in some instances a mark-up on the rate (brokers commission) is put on by the broker and this is the rate the business will pay.

Not all brokers charge commission but it is important as part of the claims process,  to look at the contract and see if a commission was charged.  If a broker has not specifically outlined the commission rates they were receiving and have left them ‘hidden’, it is probable that they were charging a mark-up and you were not made explicitly aware. You could then have a claim for mis selling. Claims can be made retrospectively for previous contracts as well as current contracts. Even if you would expect a broker to make a commission on this, a claim may still be bought if the rates were not explained or outlined in a contract.

You may also have felt under pressure and been told it was a limited time deal in a form a pressure selling. If the termination clause is missing or includes high early termination penalties this may also be an indicator that you could have been unfairly sold to.

The commissions paid to brokers can be a substantial amount, the infographic below outlines this.

Business Energy Claims

If you are contacted by your broker and offered a partial refund, please consult a solicitor as it is likely that you have been mis-sold. If your claim is successful, you could receive compensation as well as negotiate better rates.

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