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Where should health and safety rules be displayed?

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By law, every business that employs someone must display the health and safety law poster on their premises or provide each worker with the approved leaflet or pocket card. Most businesses will do both, especially if they receive visitors or members of the public at the premises, to ensure that the information is available to anyone who wants or needs it.

The health and safety law poster highlights what employers and employees need to do in relation to health and safety at work. Most businesses also include information on the poster that confirms which individuals are responsible for which areas, for example, naming the qualified first aider(s), fire marshal(s) and any contact information needed. 

As well as the health and safety poster or material provided to every employee, there may be safety signs needed in the workplace too. Safety signs in relation to health and safety are needed if they help reduce risks. This could be, for example, one-way systems around workplaces that help reduce known risks of injury or illness. 

Notices should be displayed on the premises in an area that all workers have access to, which tells employees where they can find the first aid box and first aiders or appointed persons. 

Legal support with business health and safety compliance

We can help businesses to ensure that they stay compliant with the law in regard to health and safety requirements. This includes advice with the health and safety policy and legal support if you face a health and safety issue, complaint or investigation. We can help to give businesses peace of mind in any aspect of managing health and safety in the workplace. Call us on 0161 696 6250 to find out more.