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Is your business the subject of a Trading Standards investigation?

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Is your business the subject of a Trading Standards investigation?

Trading Standards is the local government department responsible for investigating complaints of breaches of legislation and ensuring compliance with legislation relating to consumer protection. They also seek to ensure fair trading so that other businesses are not disadvantaged by illegal trading practices.

If there are concerns about your business, or a complaint has been made, you may receive a visit from Trading Standards or receive a letter from them.

A Trading Standards officer will investigate any complaint and is likely to ask you to explain how your business is compliant and may ask you about any potential breaches. The type of questions asked will depend on the nature of your business and of the way the goods and/or services are bought, sold or hired.

The investigation could relate to the way goods are advertised online, whether safety standards are being met and whether appropriate paper work is in place to protect the consumer.

A Trading Standards officer could secure a power of entry in order to attend your premises to conduct an inspection, to search, to seize items or collect samples.

Although Trading Standards can not close a business down they have a wide range of options available to them that ultimately includes the prosecution of a business, if this is fair and proportionate.  A prosecution can result in a significant fine and imprisonment for relevant individuals.

If you have any concerns regarding the compliance of your business, regarding a complaint that has been made or an ongoing investigation by the Trading Standards our specialists are on hand to assist, please call 01616 966 229 and they will be pleased to assist with any queries.