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World Car Free Day - Thursday 22nd September

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Cyclist convictions double under Victorian legislation

Every year on or around 22nd September, cities across the globe celebrate World Car Free Day which can also be known as ‘clean-air day’.

The day encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day to allow people to experience streets free of motor traffic. The event highlights the numerous benefits of going car-free to citizens, including reduced air pollution and the promotion of walking, and cycling in a safer environment.

The campaign currently reaches over 80 million people world wide and has many different advantages such as:

  • Showcasing that a cleaner air future is both possible and desirable
  • It helps to improve public understanding and increase levels of air pollution busting behaviours
  • It demonstrates large-scale support for clean air, giving decision-makers a mandate to implement the system changes required

Car-free days are a massive opportunity for cities to realise how much pollution affects our lives. Vehicle emissions are one of the main sources of outdoor air pollution, particularly in cities, which is actually the largest contribution to climate change.

Air pollution has also been known to harm every organ in the body and shorten lives, it can contribute towards chronic illness and put people more at risk of covid-19. When polluted air is breathed in, it can inflame the lining of the lungs and move into our bloodstream. This can lead to lung disease, heart disease and strokes. Air pollution is real and harms the health of millions.

If this is something close to your heart then why don’t you leave your car at home for the day, hop on your bike or choose the option to walk, even just by doing this for just one day, you can make a huge difference.

By Rachel Gildart, new business advisor