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Falling objects in the workplace lead to three cases of brain damage

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Head injuries resulting from being struck by falling objects in the workplace appear to be common, with three being reported in the news in just the past few weeks. And they can lead to substantial compensation awards.
British Airways face £300,000 claim from injured stewardess
Gail Ormiston-White, a British Airways stewardess, has been left unable to work after she suffered a blow to the head when a metal canister struck her whilst she was carrying out her on-board duties. She now faces ‘serious neurological consequences.’
Her lawyers put forward a case which explained how the 41-year old ‘sustained a blow to her head resulting in pain in the back of her head, swelling and left her feeling dazed and groggy.’
Mrs Ormiston-White is pursuing British Airways for a compensation claim of between £100,000 and £300,000 for the 2008 accident. Her legal representatives say BA was negligent and breached its legal duties concerning the health and safety of their client.
Scaffold accident leaves family devastated
In Bristol, a 53 year old worker was left with brain damage after he was struck by a piece of scaffold weighing 3.7Kg which fell 14 storeys down a lift shaft. He was working on the construction of the Radisson Blu hotel and his family, consisting of five children and grandchildren, is said to be devastated by the consequences which have turned their lives upside down. After six weeks in intensive care, he has been left in a ‘child like’ state needing 24 hour care.
£7.2 million award for boatyard worker head injury claim
On the Isle of Wight, a boatyard worker suffered brain damage when he was struck by a falling metal gantry, and was awarded £7.2 million in damages. Kevin Cleightonhills was attempting to store a boat for the evening when the accident happened. His injuries, first thought to have been near fatal, have left him needing round the clock care and he now suffers problems with memory, concentration and fatigue. His lawyers have said the settlement will provide reassurance for the rest of his life that he’ll receive the level of care he will need.
Head injuries resulting in brain damage can devastate victims and their families, both emotionally and financially, and it is an understatement to say that life will never be the same. Whilst it can’t turn back the clock, financial help in the form of head injury compensation will make sure all the practical issues are taken care of.
When assessing the long term connotations of a brain injury, solicitors work closely with highly specialist medical experts so they can present a robust case which assures the highest possible compensation is awarded to cover the ongoing care needs of the victim, and the financial effects that the accident had on their family.
Stephensons’ personal injury solicitors specialise in pursuing cases against employers for workplace accidents involving head injuries and brain damage and we have recovered compensation at the highest levels possible for numerous clients. To speak directly with a member of the team, call 01616 966 229.
By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney