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Man killed in workplace accident at bottling plant

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I was saddened to hear about a 37-year-old man who had died following a workplace accident at a bottling plant in Canada late last month.

The workers were using a forklift truck to pry a piece of metal off a storage racking system when the metal broke free and subsequently struck the man in the head.

Firefighters were called to the plant at about 9:00 am and attended to the gentleman with CPR, the firefighters did everything they were trained to do to keep the person alive. However, unfortunately, the trauma he received was fatal.

The investigation is currently still ongoing.

This news is very shocking and is a reminder that wherever we may work, the risk of accidents in the work place is real. All employees must stay alert and the employers must take necessary steps to protect its employees, by providing the necessary protective equipment.

By Tara Lever