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Woman survived being hit by train after trying to retrieve her bag

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A young lady from Anglesey, North Wales, has recently been injured climbing onto railway tracks to retrieve her handbag. Kirsty Owen was almost sliced apart after being caught by the steps of a fast-moving passenger train, as it passed through an empty station at night. She was the only person on the platform at the time, but her screams of pain were so loud, they were heard by the neighbours of the train station. It is believed Kirsty was hit on the backside by the steps of the train leading up to the cabin

When Kirsty was taken to hospital she required 3 litres of blood on arrival and 10 operations. Doctors said they have never seen anyone alive with such a massive injury and informed Kirsty that she would probably never walk again. Only 5 short weeks after the horrendous accident, Kirsty has begun to take her first steps.

She had spent the night celebrating getting a new job with her friends. She had a few drinks before a friend’s father dropped her at the station for the 30 minute train ride home. 

Kirsty has described the incident as a moment of madness and she cannot believe that she is alive. She has decided to speak out to warn others not to make the same mistake of trespassing on train tracks, 'I was almost sliced in half for the sake of a £20 handbag. Every time I look at my scar I know I had a very lucky escape. I am still having nightmares about it - the last thing at night before I go to sleep is that train coming towards me.'

A British Transport Police spokesman has also warned about people climbing on to railways stating that trains approach quietly and when you do hear them it can be too late to get out of the way. It can take up to the length of 20 football pitches for a train to stop.

By Tara Lever, personal injury department