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When permanent make-up goes wrong

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When permanent make-up goes wrong

Most of the time you will never notice if someone has permanent make-up, because when done properly, it’s a tasteful, confidence boosting enhancement. But when not done properly, or by individuals without the necessary skills and experience, it can go very wrong.

The procedure is also referred to as micro pigmentation or derma graphics, and like many other beauty procedures, it is growing in popularity.

The aim of the procedure is to enhance and/or restore the cosmetic appearance of your facial features. This is fast becoming a popular beauty treatment in the ever growing beauty industry with the likes of permanent eyebrows, lip liner and beauty spots proving extremely popular.

How does it work?

Very fine needles are used to penetrate the skin and place pigments into the dermal (top) later of skin where it can remain for up to five years.

Risks involved

As this is an invasive procedure it does not come without its risks. The possible risks include :-

  • Hygiene standards. Ensure that the needs used are sterilised to avoid cross contamination.
  • Infection
  • Inadequately trained/skilled or qualified staff
  • Herpes/cold sores
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic reaction
  • Spreading of the pigment/uneven pigments
  • Scarring
  • The results may not be what you asked for or expected.


After the procedure it is advised that you refrain from using/applying cosmetic products and refrain from exposure to the sun.

What to look out for

Prior to the treatment it is imperative that a skin test is done to ascertain if there are any allergies to the products that will be used. This should be done at least 48 hours prior to treatment.

The beautician administering the treatment should ask a a series of health questions and note your details which they will be required to keep on record for at least two years. They should also ensure that they give you all of the necessary aftercare advice.

Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1992 requires registration of the establishments undertaking the treatment. If they are registered then they will have been inspected and certified by a health and safety officer.

Permanent skin make-up procedures should only ever be practised by a competent, trained and experienced individual at suitable and registered premises. But unfortunately this isn’t always the case, and even in the best hands, mistakes do happen.

If you are contemplating such a procedure, do some research. Check the establishment. Are they registered? What are their qualifications and experience? Can they provide photographic testimonies from previous clients?  Are they able to provide a full description of what results you can expect to achieve.

Cosmetic tattooing can last up to five years. That’s a long time to have to put up with wonky eyebrows, or poor lip liner. So think carefully before embarking on the same.

If you have undergone such a beauty procedure, and have had poor, even disastrous result then please get in touch with our specialist team on 01616 966 229. We have represented a number of individuals who have unfortunately endured terrible results from cosmetic tattooing, resulting in unsightly appearance and devastating psychological impacts.