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What funding options are available for personal injury cases?

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What funding options are available for personal injury cases?

Right at the outset of your case with us our personal injury claim solicitors would establish the most appropriate funding option for you.


In the first instance we will ask you to check your insurance policies to see if you have legal protection as an add on to your policy or if this is included. You will need to check your home insurance and your car and/or motorcycle insurance policies. We can help you review them. If you have legal cover it is known as legal expense insurance. The insurance will cover your legal costs until a claim can be made. Many people are unaware that they have this cover, yet millions of people do. We will always start by asking you if you have this cover and to review your insurance policies.

Conditional fee arrangement - 'no win no fee'

Probably one of the most well know funding options available is a conditional fee agreement (CFA) more commonly known as ‘no win no fee’. This form of funding allows you to make a claim for compensation. A percentage fee is taken at the end of your case on settlement. This can never be in excess of 25% of your compensation and you only pay if your case is successful. If we take on your case on this basis, Stephensons will not be paid for our solicitors fees if we are unsuccessful in terms of gaining you compensation.

Union funding

If you work in a sector where you have a union, it is likely that you will be entitled to legal cover through your union.

What to do next

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