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What does the general election mean for the planned changes to personal injury claims?

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A general election has been announced for 12th December 2019 so parliament has now officially dissolved, and the United Kingdom have entered into a period referred to as 'purdah'. This is the time between an election being announced and the newly elected government being formed.

During this time there are many restrictions on civil servants to make sure that they remain neutral between the political parties. In line with this, on 6th November 2019 the Motor Insurance Bureau announced a brief update on the personal injury whiplash reforms acknowledging the status of purdah and confirming that they will not be able to communicate with any external stakeholders in relation to the upcoming changes until after the election. This means that they cannot release any further updates, attend any events, host workshops or respond to queries from the media until a new government is formed.

Despite this, a Ministry of Justice spokeswoman has announced that they are continuing to work towards the April 2020 deadline. A further update will be provided once the new government is in place.

Many campaigners had suggested that the timetable is unrealistic in any event, however only time will tell whether the general election will have an effect on the proposed changes.