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Victims of attacks of terrorism to be awarded compensation

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I very much welcome the ex gratia scheme which has now been opened up by the Government to make payment to individuals who have been injured in designated terrorist attacks outside the UK, on or after 2002. Often acts of terrorism are excluded from insurance policies and up until now, victims have been unable to claim for compensation for the most serious of injuries resulting from a terrorist attack.

Those ‘designated’ terrorist attacks, where we know people have been seriously injured, are as follows:

Bali, Indonesia – 12 October 2002
Kusadasi, Turkey – 16 July 2005
Sharm el Sheik, Egypt – 23 July 2005
Dehab, Egypt – 24 April 2006
Marmaris, Turkey – 27 August 2006
Mumbai, India – 26 November 2008

Victims of other incidents of terrorism may also be able to claim compensation through the scheme although those injured in the New York attacks in 2001 will not qualify and those injured in the London attacks in 2005 would need to have applied already for payment via the UK’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

For applications, visit the Direct Gov website. Applications must be received by the Ministry of Justice by 5pm on 16 October 2012.

By personal injury solicitor, Jennifer Holt