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Sun Awareness Week 2017

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Sun Awareness 2018 - 14th-20th May

It’s Sun Awareness Week from 8th – 16th May 2017, and what a week it’s been so far with the news headlines announcing that an “unexpected mini heatwave is set to hit Britain.”

In marking Sun Awareness Week, the British Association of Dermatologists (“BAD”) regulate a national campaign which combines advice on the detection and prevention of skin cancer, with their main objective being to encourage people to understand the skin they’re in, and aiming to make people aware of risks carried with excessive tanning, sunburn, and also the use of sunbeds.

Whilst most of our time is spent indoors due to unpredictable British weather, it’s this time of year, when summer is just around the corner, and families are booking their holidays either abroad or here in the UK, that people are placing themselves at risk of catching sunburn and developing serious injury. The majority of the time, such injuries occur as a result of inadequately, and in some cases not at all, applying sun lotion before heading outside.

In their most recent survey in 2017, “BAD” established that in the last year in the UK, more than one in three Brits (35%) have suffered from sunburn, and of those, 28 were burnt more than three times.

Whilst the correct amount of sun exposure can be good for you, it is essential to focus on finding the happy medium between safeguarding yourself from the sun and getting an adequate amount of Vitamin D. So, it’s crucial to remember these important tips;

  • Apply sun lotion, generously, and at regular intervals
  • Head for the shade and steer clear of unprotected UV exposure – remember that the sun it at its highest from midday to 4pm
  • Cover up and wear suitable clothing and sun shades
  • Keep yourselves thoroughly hydrated
  • Educate yourselves and other

Keep safe and enjoy the sun responsibly.

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