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Stephensons to take part in 'virtual cycle' for road safety week

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Stephensons to take part in virtual cycle for road safety week

On 21st November staff from the firm’s personal injury team will be taking part in a ‘virtual cycle’ as part of Brake’s Bike Smart campaign for road safety week.

Road safety week will run from 19th-25th November and aims to raise awareness amongst the public about issues faced by road users and those who are injured on the road. This year’s theme is ‘Bike Smart’ which will focus on the safety of cyclists and motorcyclists who make up over a third of those killed or seriously injured on the roads in the UK. Brake are encouraging people across the country to get involved and cycle a collective 9740km to raise awareness of the 9740 cyclists and motorcyclists who are killed or seriously injured every year on our roads.

Our personal injury team regularly work with people who have been injured on the roads and understand the devastating impact these injuries can have on victims and their families, and so will be taking turns throughout the day to help Brake get to their total. The team are aiming to cycle a combined total of 15km per hour across two static bikes and a minimum of 100km throughout the day. 

Brake work to raise awareness and educate communities about the importance of road safety with a view to reduce the number of people injured or killed on the roads and support bereaved and seriously injured road crash victims and their families. If you want to get involved with road safety week you can join one of Brake’s own virtual cycles. There will be five virtual cycle events organised by Brake taking place across the country including one at The Trafford Centre on 23rd November. You could also hold your own virtual cycle event and Brake can provide you with marketing resources to be able to promote this. 

Our personal injury specialists regularly help people to claim compensation when they, or a loved one, has been injured on the roads in cycling accidents, motorbike accidents and car accidents. To speak with one of our experts about a potential claim call us on 01616 966 229.