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Stay safe walking to and from school

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Secondary admissions national offer day is approaching

Most children are heading back to school after what we hope was a fantastic summer.

With this change in routine comes an increase in traffic on our roads during those key school times. Equally our schools and government promote healthy lifestyles and encourage pupils to walk to school if possible.

As such, this gives parents an opportunity to remind children of the potential dangers and how to stay safe on our roads.

So please keep in mind these safety tips especially for children walking to school:

  • Let your children familiarise themselves with the route
  • Point out any dangerous hazards or poorly designed street furniture
  • Remind the children that traffic is likely to be busier at school times and that more cars will park on the kerb due to congestion around the school area
  • Advise children to use the designated crossings
  • If there are no designated crossings then children should remain vigilant and look to cross in front of cars rather than behind them
  • Whilst we understand that social media is a big part of society please advise your children to be aware that being on the phone around a built up area or heavy traffic could be an accident waiting to happen

​Have a great new school term!