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Spanish train crash killed 79 people

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I was shocked to hear on the news last week that 79 people were sadly killed in a train crash in Santiago de Compestela in North Western Spain and around 130 others have been injured. It has been reported that the train was travelling at 180 km (111 miles) an hour when the recommended speed is 80 km an hour.

However, it is still not clear the exact cause of the derailment until a full investigation has taken place and the black box of the train examined. But, officials are said to be ruling out sabotage or attack.

At least six carriages were derailed when it is thought the train jumped the tracks on ‘a difficult curve’ and the carriages flipped over multiple times and landed on top of each other. 247 passengers were on board the train from Madrid and one Briton is among the injured, the Foreign Office has said.

The train crash is the worst in Spain’s recent history. The local public have been asked to donate blood to help the injured.

We are reminded of the importance of rail safety and adherence to safety measures. The risks of public transport abroad are also highlighted where the safety standards are perhaps not as high as in the UK.

Our condolences go to the friends and family of those killed and injured as a result of this tragedy.
Melanie Chisnall, Graduate Paralegal