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Snake attack tragedy

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I was shocked to read that two small children died from an attack involving a snake that had escaped from an exotic pet store building below them.

The tragedy occurred in Canada and in a statement, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they believed the reptile had strangled two boys, aged five and seven, in Campbellton. Investigators believe that the snake managed to get out of its cage overnight before getting in to the ventilation system leading to the apartment above where the two boys slept.

It is understood the two boys are thought to be brothers.

Campbellton's deputy mayor, Ian Comeau, said the incident was a "tragedy". "The city is in shock," he added.

Experts say attacks by exotic snakes are extremely rare. The snake, which has since been captured by the police, was initially thought to have been a boa constrictor but officials later said they believed it was an African rock python.

My thoughts are with the family of the boys.

By Barry Sutton, personal injury team