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Robberies and workplace violence lead to compensation claims

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In January 2011, a masked robber struck at a convenience store in Bramhall, a suburb of Stockport, armed with a claw hammer. The terrified staff members were not physically hurt on this occasion, but the incident serves as a reminder of just how dangerous it can be to go through such an experience in the workplace.
Thankfully, the Bramhall robbery didn’t result in anything more serious, but there are occasions every week in the UK when shop workers are threatened with physical violence. It’s worth remembering that employers, whether they are a small family-run company or an internationally known chain of superstores, have a legal right to ensure that adequate safety and security procedures are in place to protect their workers.
Lack of adequate security could lead to exposed employees
Without the right security measures in place, shop staff could be threatened with blunt implements such as the claw hammer in the Bramhall case. More worrying, knife crime has been on the increase in recent decades, and in some cases workers have been threatened by determined criminals wielding hand guns and rifles. Sadly, there have been many instances of deaths among the shop-keeping fraternity in the last few years.
Victims in cases involving personal injury and even death in shop-related instances should, where appropriate, always seek to claim the highest possible compensation award. The sudden loss of earnings, as well as the necessary recovery from injuries, ensures that the victim or the family members are likely to be struggling to make ends meet within a short space of time.
The specialist personal injury lawyers at Stephensons are experienced in making claims under these circumstances, and will always be on hand to provide top quality advice and guidance on how to mount a case for compensation.
Our friendly, sympathetic experts can be contacted on 01616 966 229 to discuss the details of individual cases and, where appropriate, to mount a robust claim for the financial help, and the justice, that the victim deserves.
By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney