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Road safety week - are you in?

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Cyclist sentenced to 18 months over death of pedestrian in fixie bike case

The UK Road Safety Week this year will be taking place between 19-25 November, which is an annual road safety initiative, co-ordinated by Brake. Brake is the road safety charity, who work to prevent devastating road deaths and injuries, make our communities safer and support suffering crash victims. The work Brake do in all these areas is phenomenal and they are true road safety superheroes!

Each year Brake seek to raise public awareness around road safety and this year the focus is on the safety of those who cycle on our roads and highways.

Did you know?

  • Cyclists are the most vulnerable UK road users
  • More than 1/3 of people are killed or seriously injured on UK roads are those travelling by bicycle or motorbike
  • More than 100 bike riders are injured every day

How can I stay safe as a cyclist?

  • Follow the highway code – don’t jump red lights and don’t cycle on pavements unless it’s a designated cycle path
  • Wear a helmet
  • Ride in a position where you can be seen
  • Signal clearly at all times
  • Use your lights and wear bright reflective clothing especially at night or in bad weather

Tips for motorists

  • Look out for those on two wheels
  • Pay attention to the road
  • Do not exceed the speed limit
  • Slow down on wet roads and in bad weather
  • Know the blind spots
  • Give cyclist a wide berth when overtaking
  • At night, dip your headlights when approaching cyclists
  • In wet weather, allow cyclists extra room as surfaces may be slippery

Tips for pedestrians

  • Always use pedestrian crossings (zebra crossings, underpasses, overhead bridges and traffic lights)
  • Do not cross at road bends
  • Do not cross in front of a stationary vehicle and in between stationary vehicles
  • Be seen by wearing light coloured clothing when walking at night or carry some reflective clothing so that drivers/cyclists can see from you a distance

A number of Stephensons employees this year are taking part in a ‘virtual cycle’ for Road Safety Week. We are joining many supporters of Brake as they aim to collectively cycle 9740km to represent and raise awareness for the 9740 cyclists and motorcyclists who are killed or seriously injured on our roads each year

Our personal injury team regularly work with people who have been injured on the roads and understand the devastating impact these injuries can have on victims and their families ,and so we will be supporting Brake in this aim, and members of staff will be taking turns throughout the day on Wednesday 21st November 2018 on a number of static bikes, to help Brake get to their total of 9740 km. As a team we are aiming to cycle a combined total of 15km per hour across two static bikes and a minimum of 100km throughout the day.

Donations to Brake allows them to continue to educate and raise awareness about the importance of road safety. Please support our team by donating, every penny counts.