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Remember, remember the fifth of November... 2011

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Now that the recent trick or treat holiday has passed, it is time for the next, Bonfire Night!

When most people think of bonfire night the usual thoughts spring to mind, toffee apples, Guy Fawkes, fireworks and bonfires.

The emergency services are always on standby as many people are seriously injured by fireworks throughout the weeks leading up to bonfire night and the weeks after it. Many of us always think of being vigilant whilst watching fire work displays, making sure the children do not get too close to the bonfire and wearing gloves whilst using sparklers. We are warned never to approach a firework if it has not set off on the first instance, however, I always remember my Dad attempting to see if he could. 

Many accidents occur at home firework displays and at arranged firework displays, however, many of us do not think to be cautious of fireworks whilst driving.

In 2011 in Taunton, one of Britain’s worst motorway tragedies occurred as Taunton Rugby Football Club was having its annual firework display.  A major collision occurred on the M5  motorway close by, and sadly this accident led to 7 deaths including an elderly couple, a father and his daughter and 3 lorry drivers.

The Police believed that the smoke drifted onto the motorway, causing limited visibility.

Therefore, please be extra careful this bonfire night whilst driving on any roads. 

By Tara Lever