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Prepare your vehicle for winter

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What to do if you are injured as a result of winter weather

Winter is just around the corner as the leaves begin to change for autumn. Now is the time to prepare your transport, whether that be car, motorbike, or bicycle for the onset of poor weather.


The earlier onset of dark hours and poor weather in the daytime leads to reduced visibility. When cycling, please ensure that you wear high visibility clothing and ensure your bicycle lights are fully charged up. It is also sensible to consider a change of tyres which have increased grip when the roads become increasingly slippery with fallen leaves, rain and even snow, and to ensure that tyres are correctly inflated. If you use a rucksack to carry belongings, it is wise to also ensure that this has a high visibility cover.


For motorcyclists, again motorcycle protective clothing is essential with an element of high viz if possible to ensure you are as visible as possible to other road users. 


When driving by car, it is worth considering a change of tyres to winter tyres for extra grip and ensure lights are displayed when driving, and again ensure tyres are correctly inflated (it is worth ensuring periodical checks of tyre pressures are carried out as incorrectly inflated tyres are dangerous). Ensuring your antifreeze and window screenwash are full is sensible, along with putting a pack into your car containing de-icing solution and a frost scraper for car windows.

Stay safe on the roads this autumn and winter.