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Over-zealous police practices can lead to personal injury

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In 2007, Debbie O’Reilly tried to intervene when a group of police officers attempted to arrest a man in Dewsbury. In the ensuing melee, she was unfortunately sprayed with CS gas by one of the officers, and suffered facial burns as a result. She was also taken into custody and spent the night at a police station. She later claimed for compensation for her personal injuries, and was awarded £7,000 in an out of court settlement.
Members of the police force, like any other workers, are bound by rules and regulations regarding the way they carry out their duties. In this instance, they over-stepped the mark, resulting in some nasty injuries for Mrs O’Reilly. When restraining potential offenders, police officers have clear and strict guidelines on what constitutes reasonable force, and when they go too far, victims may be entitled to claim compensation.
What are the potential injuries that can be sustained during an arrest?
As well as damage to the face from CS gas, there are many other potential injuries which can occur. Broken bones, such as arms and legs, are possible, as are cuts and bruises. Heavy-handedness during the course of an arrest can lead to injuries to wrists, too, especially when applying handcuffs or other restraints. There have also been several instances of facial injuries during apprehension, too.
At Stephensons, our personal injury lawyers can offer advice and guidance to any member of the public who feels they may have a claim. If we feel they have a genuine case for compensation, we will mount a claim on their behalf in order to pursue the maximum possible financial award. There is no need to feel intimidated, which is often the case when making allegations against the police, because with the right representation, justice will prevail.
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By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney