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Personal injuries from crime

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In the last few days, a new website has been launched which offers Internet users an opportunity to check recent levels of crime in their local neighbourhood. The site proved so popular that it crashed several times during its first days in operation, highlighting just how important an issue crime figures are to the United Kingdom’s population.
The Home Office announced that the site crashed because it was receiving around 5 million hits in one hour, or 75,000 hits every minute. These are staggering figures, and show that Britons are concerned about crime in all regions of the country.
In crime cases that have led to the victim suffering a personal injury, it may be that he or she can make a claim for compensation. An appropriate financial award can go some way towards helping to cope with a sudden loss of income, for example, or a series of expensive medical and recuperative treatments.
Awards for criminal injuries
A former army medic from Sunderland received £500,000 after suffering a serious brain injury following an attack outside a public house. His legal representatives pursued the case through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.
If you feel you have a valid claim for compensation, you may not know how best to pursue it. The best advice is to seek the help of a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer, who will be able to mount the case on your behalf. The amounts that are awarded in compensation cases will differ depending on the severity of the injuries, but a specialist lawyer, such as one of those from Stephensons, will always seek the highest possible financial figure.
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By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney