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Personal injury claims for victims of crime

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Calls for Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme reform

Did you know that New Years Eve is also known as National Champagne Day? It is a well-known time for people to go out, drink and get merry, it is New Year after all! But what was to happen if a night out didn’t go as planned?

Sometimes unexpected things happen to us, it could even go as far as being attacked. Statistics show that alcohol is a factor in 40% of all violent crimes today.

Based on victim reports, alcohol use by the offender was a factor in:

  • 37% of rapes and sexual assaults
  • 27% of aggravated assaults
  • 25% of simple assaults

Have you ever been attacked and suffered injuries as a result? If so then you may be entitled to compensation. Violent crimes can affect people in different ways, it can be physical or even psychological.

If you have been the victim of an attack, did you know that you can claim for compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme? The scheme was created for victims of serious and violent crimes such as sexual assault, rape & domestic abuse to violent assault, knife crimes and acid attacks.

Stephensons are able to help with these types of claims. Our legal experts understand people making claims of this kind are going through a tough time and need reliable and sensitive advice provided in a straight forward manner. We understand that every criminal injury compensation claim is unique and we are dedicated to understanding the individual needs of clients who have been victim to a criminal act.

If you wish to chat with someone and to find out if you do have a claim then don’t hesitate to contact one of our personal injury new business advisors on 0161 696 6235, who will be able to talk you through the process. 

By Rachel Gildart, new business advisor