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£1 million lump sum and £52K per year for life for road traffic accident victim

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When a drunk-driver ploughed into the car in which Rhiannon Millett was travelling, the consequences for her and her family were devastating and life changing.
The road traffic accident happened in 1996 when Rhiannon was 6. Her mother’s partner, the driver of the car she was in, was killed and the drunk driver, Jeremy Hallett of Tredegar in Gwent, was later convicted of causing death by driving without due care and attention.
Rhiannon’s mother launched a claim against the driver for damages and compensation to cover the injuries which left her daughter disabled for life with severe brain damage.
Initially, the 6-year old was sent home from hospital having been treated for a broken leg and nothing else. Unbeknown to medical staff at the time, the crash had aggravated a pre-existing congenital brain tissue weakness which caused an almost fatal cranial bleed, resulting in severe brain damage.
Rhiannon Millett's barrister, Simon Michael, said, “She will never work for money, will never be able to live independently and will require a considerable care package to care for her.”
Covering every financial aspect of ongoing care needs
In cases like this, it is crucial to make sure the compensation sought will adequately cover every aspect of the victim’s ongoing care needs. Everything from an in-house carer to home modifications and transport must be considered and specialist lawyers will consult medical experts and care providers to ensure a sufficient case is put forward, taking every aspect into account, including life expectancy.
In Rhiannon’s case, a settlement totalling £4.25 million was approved by the court, which consisted of a £1m lump sum together with index-linked, tax-free annual payments of £52,500 to cover the costs of her care.
At Stephensons, our specialist team of serious personal injury claims solicitors works closely with medical professionals and other advisers to make sure our clients are adequately compensated and their ongoing care needs sufficiently taken care of. If you represent someone who has suffered serious injuries in an accident that wasn’t their fault, we can help. Call us on 01616 966 229 to arrange your free initial consultation.
By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney