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Dead parrot is no joke for the MOD

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A Parrot owner received £2,200 compensation because his pet parrot died when a low-flying RAF Hercules jet flew over his home, with the loud engine noise causing the bird to become startled and sadly die.

The MOD often pays 'reasonable compensation where a link can be established between military low flying activity and subsequent loss or injury sustained'. £1.4 million has been paid out by the MOD over the last three years for claims relating to low-flying aircraft damage.

The NFU Mutual insurer has advised that they they regularly deal with claims from farmers in respect of low flying aircraft as it causes deaths and injuries to livestock, with a further risk to farmers and members of the public. Cows have been known to stop producing milk and chickens to stop laying due to low-flying aircraft noise.

The parrot death follows a similar incident in which a low-flying plane caused another bird to fall off its perch, breaking both legs. The owner received compensation to cover vet bills including the cost of two splints.

By Rebecca Dawber, associate executive in the personal injury department