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No smoking day - 13th March 2019

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No smoking day - 13th March 2019

National No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness day which is intended to help smokers who want to quit smoking but also aims to bring awareness to the dangers of smoking.

If you are a smoker take the opportunity to quit smoking whether it’s for the day or for the long term!

Smoker’s benefits of stopping smoking:

  • You will save money, the average smoker has 13 cigarettes a day which works out to be 364 cigarettes a month. That’s £141 a month and £1696 a year of savings!
  • Your sense of taste will return
  • Your breathing and general fitness will improve
  • Will be more confident in social situations as you won’t smell of stale smoke
  • For women, fertility levels will improve along with having a health pregnancy and baby

Benefits for family and friends if one stops smoking:

Protecting the health of these around you as they will not be exposed to second-hand smoke which increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, bronchitis and asthma attacks.

6 self-help tips to stop smoking:

  • Identify when or what makes you crave cigarettes
  • Get some stop smoking support
  • Get active
  • Make non-smoking friends
  • Keep your hands and mouth busy
  • Make a list of reasons to quit smoking

Click here to find out how quickly you can notice the benefits of stopping smoking.