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When a night out turns into a nightmare...

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The recent fines imposed on the owners of Manchester’s K2 nightclub has highlighted the responsibilities held by venue owners. The Health and Safety Executive brought prosecutions against them because of potential fire hazards in the club, in particular the presence of large quantities of flammable cardboard and other packaging materials.

The discarded packaging represented a potential danger for customers and staff members, and the court heard that it may have led to a major issue if a fire had broken out. In previous years, some compensation awards for burns victims have been remarkably large, reflecting the seriousness of this issue.

Between 2003 and 2006, several clubbers were injured in falls at nightclubs in Wolverhampton, often as a result of drinks that had been spilled onto a floor which then became slippery. The group of six were awarded around £75,000 between them.

If a night out has turned into a nightmare and you have been a victim of an accident in a public place that wasn’t your fault, our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors can help you to make a claim for compensation. Our experience in this field is extensive, so call us today on 01616 966 229, and we’ll let you know whether you have a case.
By personal injury Partner, Kate Sweeney