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Motorcycle accidents: causes and compensation

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Road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists are common. They can be caused by pedestrians, motorists or other motorcyclists and can result in catastrophic injuries in some cases.
Pedestrians sued for £300,000
When 60-year old motorcyclist Dennis Porter swerved to avoid two teenage girls who walked into moving traffic, he skidded into the path of a van. His injuries were devastating: he has been left quadriplegic and will require the care of his family for the rest of his life.
The man is suing the two girls in the High Court for over £300,000 in compensation. He claims they are guilty of failing to use a crossing, crossing the road in an unsafe manner and walking into the path of his motorcycle.
£370,000 out of Court settlement for former police sergeant
Former police sergeant Steve Ball was involved in a head on collision with another motorcyclist when he was on motorcycle duty in Harrogate back in 2006. He has recently been awarded £370,000 in compensation after the accident left him with severe injuries that forced him to take early retirement.
Sergeant Ball was injured when the other motorcyclist lost control of his machine. The officer was thrown from his bike and suffered nerve damage to his arm which lost him the use of his right side. He also suffered injuries to his shoulder and neck. Extensive surgery followed, including nerve transplant surgery in an attempt to bring back some movement in his right side. He still experiences acute pain and limited movement.
The compensation was awarded in an out of court settlement by the other motorcyclist’s insurer.
When injuries are as devastating as those experienced by Dennis Porter and Sergeant Ball, the accident compensation will seek to cover the ongoing care and treatment that becomes necessary. In the police officer’s case, his career was brought to an untimely end, and the motorcyclist’s injuries mean he will be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. There are of course financial connotations for the families of the victims too with the loss of what was possibly the main wage, and these will also form part of the award.
Stephensons’ specialist road traffic accident claim solicitors have long term experience and a proven track record of success in dealing with motorcyclist injuries, including those which are extremely severe. For advice and guidance, you can speak directly to one of our experts by calling 01616 966 229.
By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney