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More consumer protection for mix-and-match holidaymakers

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Sun Awareness 2018 - 14th-20th May

You may be aware that people booking traditional package holidays from a tour operator have cover, both financial and legal in the unlikely event something goes wrong. This type of cover transfers the risk to the tour operator to sort things out like a cancelled flight.

However, it has become increasingly common in recent years, for holidaymakers to book hotels and flights separately from different firms but via a single travel intermediary which have not been covered under the present Package Tour Regulations. Therefore, it has become necessary to improve protection to such holidaymakers so they have similar levels of protection in the event something does go wrong.

The Package Travel Regulations 2018 which came into force on 1st July 2018 were prompted by the growing number of people booking holidays online, to afford both financial and legal protection to the consumer whereas previously those booking mix-and-match holidays were only afforded financial protection such as if an airline went out of business. The new regulations will also apply to those who attend a high street travel agent but book their holiday as separate components but pay for them all together.

With the new changes the 2018 regulations bring, the basic rule is to book your flights and accommodation in a single transaction but avoid paying separately online for flights and accommodation as this arrangement does not afford the same level of protection meaning you may not be afforded the extra protection. For example booking a flight and being encouraged to book accommodation through a separate accommodation site where you have to re-enter your travel dates, location, personal information and payment details may be classed as a “linked travel arrangement” which does not benefit from the same legal and financial protection.

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