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Major incidents and injury compensation

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Just before Christmas, there was a memorial service to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1910 Pretoria Pit Disaster, which claimed a total of 344 lives. The tragedy occurred after an underground explosion at the colliery in Westhoughton, near Bolton.
The moving scenes at St Bartholomew’s Parish Church brought home the potential devastation that such large-scale accidents can cause, and the effects it can have on the long-term security of the remaining family members. As well as the trauma of losing a loved one, there is the obvious upheaval caused by a sudden loss of earnings.
The 2002 Potters Bar rail crash led to compensation awards that totalled several millions of pounds, and although the money will never replace loved ones, it can at least be used to help cope with that loss and to secure the futures of those left behind. In the cases involving those who suffered serious injury, financial assistance can be used to help with the care and recovery process.
At Stephensons, our personal injury solicitors have many years experience in helping victims and their family members and are on hand to help them to receive the highest possible compensation figure.
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By personal injury Partner, Kate Sweeney