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Looking good is a real pain

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Momentarily, I had a LOL moment when I read an article which said millions of Britons are injured every year by their clothing, with research indicating that nearly one in two adults will suffer aches, pains or injuries from bras, wallets, hats or other items – that is until I remembered my own personal experiences, which made me wince with recollection and I won’t go into intimate details!

Researchers in Luton for the British Osteopathic Association have discovered that approximately six in ten women have been affected by wearing a bra that did not fit well (I can empathise with that), one in five have experienced friction injuries from wearing thongs and one in ten men have suffered numbness in their groin area as a result of carrying a wallet while wearing jeans that did not allow enough room (seriously)!

Incredibly, a further one in eight adults also said they had headaches from wearing a hat that was too tight! Just shows what lengths people go to in order look good and keep up with fashion trends, and we thought they only did crazy things like that in the Victorian times, when women wore corsets so tight they couldn’t breathe and fainted! Perhaps not quite so drastic, but some things, like wanting to look good and paying the price for it, never change!

Couple that with how many injuries are sustained using other beauty products, such as hair straighteners, which not only includes injuries sustained by adults, but by children too, which has led to RoSpa recently launching their “Too hot to Handle” campaign in a bid to highlight the dangers to children from straighteners, one has to question, beauty but at what price?  Pride really is one of the deadly, seven sins!